The Movie by Valentina Battorti


1900, Cambridge, Easter holidays. A young professor of Ontography, who only believes in science and facts, takes a one week vacation in a little village by the sea, Burnstow, in a beautiful hotel. A colleague of his, teacher of Archaeology, asks him to take a look at a Templars’ ancient site that is near the beach. Here, the young man will find a strange bronze whistle and, seeing no danger in it, he proceeds to take it to his room to study it. But what lies beneath those old Roman ruins…?


The day after we premiered our second movie, I started writing the screenplay for “Whistle”, because the second film was done and I felt the need to start again! We are now so so proud to present our new movie, “Whistle, and I’ll come to you”. It is based and inspired by a wonderfully scary ghost tale by 1900 genius writer Montague R. James. I hope that this film has embodied the spirit and sense of horror as it was meant by mister James, who wrote not about the gore and the blood, but about the subtle, creepy feeling of being alone in the darkness or walking along a solitary road at night in the woods. His stories had a universal sense of fright, which made them so understandable and near to all of us. The creation of this movie was the work of many, and all of these lovely and hard hard working persons made the film come to life, with their dedication, time, competence and passion. Being able to see on screen the written ghost tale I’ve been reading since my childhood is a true dream and thank to all of them is an honor. I thank them from my heart.

Valentina Battorti – Director, writer and producer


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